Services for App Sellers

Direct Acquisition

AppBillions purchases apps directly for our own internally managed portfolios.  No lengthy due diligence waits and negotiations as we are the buying party!

App Brokerage

Our global network of appreneurs are willing buyers of app assets of all types.  From delisted apps to large portfolios our database of professional buyers is second to none!

Fast and Hassle-free

Our years of experience along with our proprietary pricing algorithms have allowed us to accurately price assets.  Our model allows sellers the ability to dispose of mobile assets quickly at fair market prices.

Multiple Disposition Channels

From social networking and active marketplace participation to direct outreach and paid ad strategies, AppBillions provides our clients unprecedented access to buyers.

Pay for Performance Model

Pay only when we get results!  Depending upon the project requirements we work with most clients on a pay for performance basis.

Services for For App Buyers

Acquire One or a Portfolio

No matter the size or budget we can help.  Our team is experienced at working with diverse portfolio requirements for both novice and seasoned clients.

Portfolio Management Expertise

Running a dozens or even thousand of apps is extremely challenging! Juggling daily tasks from managing ad network monetization, ad sales, compliance, analytics and advertising can be a drain.  We provide services allowing portfolio asset owners to outsource portfolio management to us.

App Rehabilitation

We have our own technical team of developers experienced in cross platform development.  Whether it’s iOS, Android or Amazon we are able to provide diverse technical services for our clients to ensure compliance and performance.

App Search Optimization (ASO)

An app is only as valuable as its usage.  Our team of app search marketers allow our portfolio clients access to our wealth of knowledge when it comes to ranking highly on the various marketplaces.

Monetization Services

Maximize your return by optimizing your advertising and in-app display strategies.  We ensure clients are deploying the optimal ad networks on their app in order to maximize revenue.

Pay for Performance Model

For app acquisition services we charge clients on performance.  For support services we work with clients on a combination of fees and performance.